Tuesday, 13 March 2018


 This canvas was created with the help of a friend (tips/tricks)who had been to a workshop. Most of the items used (apart from the canvas and picture frame) were previously used ! From necklaces that were broken down to the flowers that had been on previous projects. After layering photos were taken to remind me of the layout. Then the canvas was coated with gesso  (Black). Once dry,all items were replaced (almost identical)  and extras added ! A photo of my mother in law was printed in black and white and placed in the frame. The layering complete (again) it was time to adhere to the canvas. Then everything had a coat of gesso (and another) once dry hot glue strands were dribbled down the canvas. These were coated with gesso too. The canvas then had a moon painted on. When dry wax was added to create "light shadows". Some distress ink was splashed to look like the stars. This was such fun to do and I am laying out the next one already !
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  1. Thank you so much Jean for sharing your project and creativity at 613! Wow - it is a stunning piece and an amazing process and the result is incredible... kudos to you!
    ~ginny, DT for 613 Ave C
    RubberMAD (GettyCollection.com)